The Receivables Switchboard is divided into four sections: Receipts, Accounts Receivable, Credit Memos, and various Utilities specific to Receivables.

The reminders in red at the bottom of the screen remind you of any undeposited checks, cash, or credit card payments.

Post Same Company

Reverse a Posting

Deposit Postings

A/R Aging Schedule

Customer Accounts

Credit Memo

Invoice List

Post payments against invoices for a single company. Keep track of your customer accounts View a complete list of your invoices. Reverse posted deposits. Deposit posted payments Under Receipts you can post checks you receive against outstanding invoices, reverse a posting, deposit your postings, and review deposits for specific days. Under A/R you can view your Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule, view your Customer's Receiving history, and view Customer Information (this is the same screen you use in Office) Under Credit Memos you can write Credit Memos, view a Summary of all open Credit Memos, and cancel a Credit Memo. Utilities include a list of all Invoices, A/R Reconciliation, Deposit information and Bad Debt Summaries  by time period.